Bring Your Dog To Work Day

‘Every dog has its day… to come into work’ says the organizers of

Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

It’s been proven that having our furry friends around at work can drive motivation, create a more productive working environment and enhance your communication skills with other colleagues. This year’s national ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ on the 23rd June is in aid of All Dogs Matter; a charity that tirelessly works to re home over 300 neglected and abandoned dogs each year in the UK. BYDTWD also supports Animals Asia on their quest to rescue animals from cruelty in China and Vietnam. So, BYDTWD is a perfect excuse to show your appreciation to your beloved companions.

Little pup hard at work

Many celebrities are unable to part from their pooches when at work. Katy Perry, Simon Cowell and Lisa Vanderpump are all committed to bringing their dogs to the forefront of their day to day routine in Hollywood. In fact, Vanderpump has gone one step further and dedicated air time from the Bravo show Real HouseWives of Beverly Hills to campaign against the tradition of Yulin Slaughter — a mass execution of dogs for their meat in Guangxi, China.

It’s all well and good if you’re a celebrity bringing your dog into work, but what if you have a regular nine to five? At best, most people leave the poor pups alone for an average of five hours a day, says a study by pet charity PDSA.

However, employers are recognizing the dramatic benefits of allowing flexibility with pets in the workplace. We spoke to Skye Mina Community Associate Manager at WeWork, the hip and happening serviced office space empire, to discuss their ethos on dogs in a working environment -

‘Bringing your dog to work is very popular in the states. Dogs are commonly used as a method of therapy and usually mean the owner is less stressed, less lonely and more trusting. We take the worry away from pet owners about getting home and maybe missing the most productive part of their working day. Also, people with dogs are easier to network with. You are more likely to make personal connections with other dog lovers and thus resulting in business opportunities because of these relationships’

So although you’re better off being self employed, freelance or a celebrity, help start the movement of getting more dogs at your work by joining in on the June 23rd. Details can be found at Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

If you think your dog is the cutest pooch in the office, submit your photos of them to our slack channel. Join HERE.

Woof woof!

Written by Roberta Morris. Published 19th May 2017.

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