Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits
Jack Conte

You realise how much of an asshat this makes you sound?

Ignoring the fact that you payed massively over the odds to put that tour together.

There are talented musicians out there composing original music whilst working full time jobs. They enjoy spending their weekends on their passion and would kill to be in the position you are. You are a very successful minority and you’ve offended a lot of musicians worldwide with this post in the way you take your privileged position for granted (not completely I’ll give you that.. but it’s really distasteful to even make the slightest quibble)

Boo hoo… you had to “work” weekends… Must have been hard for you. Mustn’t have been remotely enjoyable in any way doing something you love for a living, bet sometimes you just want to give it all up and stack those tins at the local supermarket.

You are not hard done by mate. You are living the dream man… get a grip.

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