Brain Restoration Therapy for Addiction Treatment

People are not born with an addiction. They become addicted over time and in those cases when they use in an excessive and prolonged manner a toxic substance like drugs or alcohol. Addiction occurs due to the changes in brain that alcohol or drugs cause. That is why an important aspect in treating addictions is to recover the brain cells. This became possible with brain restoration therapy.

What is brain restoration therapy

Brain restoration therapy is a type of alternative addiction treatment that involves high doses of an intravenous infusion of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) molecules. That is why brain restoration therapy is also called NAD therapy.

NAD is a coenzyme of Vitamin B3 — an essential molecule found in all the cells of the human body, that helps activating an enzyme. Enzymes are responsible for over 5,000 different biochemical reactions in our body. NAD is the main participant in most of these reactions.

This type of therapy is perfect for alleviating brain-destroying diseases like alcoholism, addiction, chronic stress, depression, and anxiety.

How does it work for addiction treatment?

First of all, the therapy is held by qualified professionals who are certified in providing NAD treatments, with all their specific protocols.

The therapy involves an intravenous infusion of a high dose of NAD that goes straight into the bloodstream. The injected molecules pass into the digestive system, for a better absorption, and work rapidly to recover the damaged cells throughout the entire body and nervous system. The NAD therapyrestores and revitalizes Dopamine neurons. By the end of the therapy, patients are no longer in withdrawal and feel extremely weaker cravings for alcohol or drugs.

The NAD therapy is individual for every patient, according to his/her conditions, needs and goals. Usually, treatment duration varies from 4 to 14 days.

The therapy reduces to a minimum the withdrawal symptoms. It also reduces cravings. Other effects of the therapy on the human body include:

  • decreased pain
  • increased energy