7 Tips to Declutter Your Apartment

Papers here, boxes there…at some point, we all need to take the time to clean our apartment. But where do you begin? This does not have to be a long, drawn-out process. It can seem overwhelming at times, but it won’t be a headache if you know how to do it. Decluttering is best handled in chunks, and with a few tips and tricks in mind, your space can be neat and tidy in no time. Want to know the best ways to keep your home neat and clean? Check out these 7 apartment decluttering secrets for 2018.

1. Find Furniture with Storage Capabilities

2. Purge Before You Organize

3. Tackle One Room at a Time

Condo vs. Apartment — What’s the Difference Between Condos and Apartments in NYC? (2018)

4. Try the Clothes Hanger Experiment

5. Try the 12–12–12 Challenge

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6. Invest in Storage Bins for Bathroom and Closets

7. Leverage Vertical Space

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