Moscow mule is rapidly becoming the cocktail of choice for people across different demographics. Ever since inception in 1940, Moscow mule has gone through lots of modification to evolve into the chilling cocktail we have today. What more? The drink is best served in a copper mug.

There are fewer better ways to start conversations. A Moscow mule in a copper mug is highly appealing in nature which makes it irresistible to guests. The copper mugs were designed for keeping drinks cold even after several minutes.

The Moscow mule is a refreshing cocktail prepared by mixing lime juice, Vodka and ginger beer. It can be served with ice and mint in copper mugs. The Moscow mule is known for its gingery kick and refreshing lemon flavor.

The origin of the copper mugs date back to Indian artisans and experts with decade long experience in producing different varieties of the mug. Their expertise helped to assure potential buyers that the resulting products were reliable and can stand the test of time. Each copper mug design stands out from the crowd.

The growing adoption of pure copper Moscow mule mugs is due to the benefits that are inherent in its usage. A truly great cocktail comprises the alcohol and its component ingredients. These ingredients add flavors, aroma and feel into the cocktail.

For a long time, the Moscow mule was made to ensure that people remain happy when they come together during yuletide, thanksgiving or other important occasions. The ancient Moscow mule was made from vodka, ginger beer and tangy lime juice mixed in different amounts. However, the secret of the mule lies essentially in the soothing power of the copper mug which confers important functions on the mule.

So to the question many keep asking, why are the copper mugs so important? Well here you have it. The copper mugs have various effects on the Moscow mule and other cocktails in it.

Moscow mule is the favorite cocktail for a lot of people because of its chilling nature. Copper mugs further support this and give an extra cooling sensation. Copper mugs do this by taking up the temperature of its contents. As soon as cocktails are poured into the mug, its rim turns chilly and gives a frozen sensation on the lips.

Also, copper metal offers an insulating protection which conserves the coldness of any liquid inside it. This is useful during summertime drinking and likewise keeping off heat from the sun. The rim also keeps hot sensations away from the hands and prevents them from tampering with the chilled liquid inside the mug.

A copper mug improves the flavors of its components, the vodka and ginger beer. According to experts, copper oxidizes the vodka when it comes in contact with the walls of the mug. This oxidization is believed to enhance aroma and greatly improve the taste of the vodka.

The copper material increases the proportion of bubbles in the carbonated ginger beer unlike drinks glass and plastic containers. These modifications all contribute to the rising popularity of the drink among Americans.

Pure copper mugs give a unique experience for each drinking session. It is the container to look out for as its sleek design signifies class. Copper mugs are hands down the best choice for mixing up the best Moscow Mule recipe. Other cocktails would benefit from this sleek and captivating appearance. To cap it all off, the copper gives a natural feeling when you take the drink.

Pure copper mugs come with one year warranty to assure buyers of its quality. Replacement or refund may be requested when the mugs don’t meet your expectations.

The use of these copper mugs gives a memorable experience. In addition, serving the Moscow mule inside a mug also captivates your guests and makes them want more because of its alluring design.

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