Firing a Couple of Missiles Isn’t a War

Anon- Firing a couple of missiles isn’t a war, I didn’t call it that when Obama did it and I have no intention of applying a double standard to Trump. 
 Short of a physical invasion who cares.
 Bush would have physically invaded, things were actually much worse from 2000–2008.

Me- What’s a few thousand dead civilians amongst friends, am I right? War schmar. It’s just death raining down from the sky. It doesn’t count if people aren’t on the ground shooting at you.

Anon- I highly doubt 1000s of civilians will die from a couple of missiles. A physical invasion means 100,000s of deaths. Its a matter of degrees.

Me- Shit, my bad. You only meant it’s not war if only a few dozen or a hundred die tonight. Silly me for thinking we were talking about all the thousands of dead people our missiles have produced over the decades. I totally get what you mean now. It’s totally not war if you only kill 20 or 30 at a time with missiles and spread it out over the months and years. You know what else isn’t war? Funding jihadists to destabilize governments you want to topple. I mean, it’s not like we’re using our own troops or anything when we do that. We’re just giving weapons to terrorists to do our dirty work for us. Yep, your logic is totally spot on. Nothing “war” about that at all. And boy oh boy there sure is fuck is no blood on our hands for only providing Saudis with weapons to commit genocide in Yemen. It’s totally not war when we refuel their planes that we sold them and use our computers to provide them with targets so they can drop bombs we sold them on weddings and schools for the blind. Nossirreebob, not no nothing nada war about that. 
 Goddamn, I nearly forgot about Israel and Palestine. It most definitely isn’t war when we provide Bibi with the necessary tools for a bombfest in Gaza. Fuck A right, ain’t no fucking war about it.

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………… over here in the land of reality, the USA has been waging war for decades in the Middle East and has the blood of millions on their hands, all in an effort for global hegemony. They sometimes use missiles and sometimes they arm terrorists and sometimes they use false flag attacks to make up a reason for another bombing and sometimes they give weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia so they can then go out and kill thousands of innocent Yemenis and Palestinians. Just because they aren’t invading with ground troops doesn’t mean they aren’t committing acts of war. The USA led military industrial complex uses all kinds of dirty tricks to carry out their atrocities around the globe. You know what they never do? A goddamned thing for humanitarian reasons. This is now what it has always been about. Power and control of the world and it’s resources. It’s imperialism, plain and simple. Funny thing… you never see the USA bombing a country for humanitarian reasons if they don’t have any fucking oil.
 Maybe if there weren’t so many fucking sheep going baa baa while watching MSM propaganda, more people would know that.