Allowing #MeToo To Go Viral Is The Biggest Mistake The Establishment Ever Made
Caitlin Johnstone

Humanity rapes.

Men rape women. The rich rape the poor. Religion rapes the mind. Powerful countries rape weaker countries for their resources. All of humanity rapes the environment. It’s a story as old as mankind. There’s a lot of good people in the world but as a whole, we suck as a species. People with power over others abuse that power for their own benefit. Rape takes many forms beyond forced sex. Many people lie to themselves about the society that mankind has built. They tell themselves that they are better than they really are because even if they aren’t the rapists, they don’t want to take off their rose colored glasses and see the world as it truly is. It’s more than just the ones who are doing the raping. It’s those who ignore that it’s happening all around them. If there is a positive to come from any of this, forcing people to face reality is it.