Six Thoughts On #Bernie2020
Caitlin Johnstone

I was thinking it the entire way, then it popped up at the end. The reason I am excited about a potential Bernie win is not the Bernie win itself (frankly, he wouldn’t get much done with the rest of the DNC/RNC power structure still in place) but the movement it would inspire in people to show them that they can take on the Establishment and win without the backing of Big Money. And you’re right, Caity, that is the one thing alone that terrifies these people. It’s not Bernie. It’s what Bernie could cause to happen in everyone else.

Regarding the rigging, it’s the voting machines themselves that people should be talking about. We all know they will use dirty tricks like closing polling places and purging people from the voter rolls. Where people should be even more concerned is that even if they clear every hurdle in the Ninja Warrior obstacle course to put a vote in, that vote still might not be reliably counted. Lee Camp covered this topic better than anyone the last time around and it’ll be just as bad this time. Bernie can still beat the rigged primaries but to do it, he’s going to have to win by more than what will be stolen from him.

Lastly, win or not, I’m just going to enjoy watching the ruling elite shit themselves for a little while. It might be the last little bit of enjoyment we get before world war and climate change eradicates human life from the planet.