Tucker Carlson, Hillary Clinton, James Gunn: Targets in Information Warfare
Nicholas Grossman

In the cases of Gunn and Carlson, people with an axe to grind dug up old stuff to try to take them down. In Clinton’s case, her leaked emails were published by Wikileaks, because publishing leaks is with they do. It’s right in their name. That is hardly the same thing as what happened to the other two. No, they were not hacked and no, there was no concerted effort featuring “an adversarial government trying to change U.S. foreign policy”, nor was there any organization strategically releasing the information to try to knock her out of the arena. I know Russiagate has a cultlike following but the sooner they accept the reality that she lost to Trump because she really was that repulsive to the American people, the better off we will all be.