It’s not just left v right. There are 4 corners.

I’m so fucking tired of what Americans call left and right. Decades of MSM propaganda designed to brainwash masses into never, ever questioning capitalism has led to a population who not only has no fucking clue what left and right means, they don’t have any idea that there are 4 corners. It’s not just left and right. It’s authoritarian left, authoritarian right, libertarian right and libertarian left. Breaking News: Ron Paul libertarians do not hold a monopoly on libertarian views.

This is the most simple explanation I can offer. Authoritarian leftists are communists. Authoritarian righties are fascists. Libertarian leftists are anarchists. And right wing libertarians are anarcho-capitalists.

Of course, there are varying different degrees of each corner but those are the basics. Far too often, people conflate left and right with how they feel about social issues. You can be a gay hating bigot but still believe the government should own and operate everything. That makes you an authoritarian leftist commie. Just because you have social opinions that are generally associated with the right does not make you a righty if you believe in communism. It just makes you an authoritarian leftist who hates the LGBTQ community.

The same goes for every other corner. You can be one of the most socially progressive people in existence but if you also believe the corporations should own and operate the government, that makes you a fascist by definition, even if you do believe in equal rights for all.

It’s about fucking time we start labeling the four corners for what they really are and stop conflating social issues with them.

I myself am a libertarian leftist. I don’t particularly give a shit about social issues and I think SJWs are retarded. What makes me a libertarian leftist are my positions on how society should be structured. I believe that all forms of concentrated power are evil by their very nature. I am opposed to capitalism because capitalism is the exploitation of the working class for the benefit of the owner class. Capitalism is basically modern day slavery. It’s what I call free range slavery. We’re “free” to roam around but we’re all still slaves to the capitalist industry that runs the world. In my opinion as a far left libertarian, there should not be an owner class at all. We should all own the means of production as the members of the working class who puts in the effort to produce the goods society needs to exist.

Here’s a simple graphic to explain the 4 corners:

Does that make sense? My opinion as a libertarian leftist is that ALL forms of concentrated power are bad for society. Of the four corners, only one of them is opposed to concentrated power. The authoritarian left and the libertarian right are basically mirror images of each other. According to the authoritarian left, the state owns and runs everything. According to the libertarian right, the private industry owns and runs everything. The authoritarian right aka fascists is a combination of the two, where the state uses it’s power to put all the wealth into the hands of concentrated private ownership.

The libertarian left advocates for a people owned, people run society. The reason I put my beliefs into this corner is because I am opposed to all forms of concentrated power. I shouldn’t have to state it but concentrated power corrupts. All forms of power that does not answer to the people will eventually abandon the people.

Every time I hear Bernie called the far left or Democrats called centrist, it makes me cringe. I like Bernie. I really do. But that guy goes no farther than the FDR Democrats of old. He is trying to save capitalism from itself by treating the working class well. The notion that he is far left is preposterous. Bernie is the most centrist guy ever. If he was an actual far leftist, he’d either be calling for state owned and run everything (authoritarian left) or people owned and run everything (libertarian left).

The bottom line is, we, as a people, have to decide what kind of society we want for ourselves, our families and our descendants. We could get to the task of building a libertarian leftist society that benefits all and does not allow the kind of concentration of power that leads to corruption. Or, we could continue to allow the kind of concentrated power that has diseased human history for thousands of years. We’re at a breaking point. Time to make a choice.

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