The (not so) New Neocons
Tulsi Gabbard

There is a lot of hyperbole when it comes to politics. There is no hyperbole when it comes to John Bolton. He really is as evil as advertised. You don’t hire a butcher if what you want is a manicure. The fact that he was hired for this role means the deep state is already planning more war and Bolton was brought in to implement it. Life just got a whole lot more scarier.

Thank you, Tulsi, for continuing to be a sane voice in DC. Sadly, there are far too few of you. I fear that there is very little at this time that can be done to stop these bloodthirsty warmongers from committing their next atrocity. Neocons own all the levers of power. It’s going to be a long and difficult fight if we are ever going to stop this from continuing to happen in the future.