Trump Tells America “POST THIS!” As He Prepares To Eliminate Equal Internet Access
Allan Ishac

There’s a lot of sheep in the USA but even sheep can be powerful in large enough numbers. Losing NN will enrage Americans from all areas of the political spectrum. It probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as it has if more people were paying attention but if we reach the point where the ISPs want to take us, there’s going to be a helluva lot of pissed off people demanding to have things put back the way they were. The sheep will tolerate a lot but taking away their internet freedoms is not one of them. People can no more live without the internet than without food and water in modern society. If this does happen, I *optimistically don’t believe it will last for very long. It will shoot to the top of every voter’s agenda above the economy or healthcare or anything else. That’s how important having a free and open internet is.

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