You’re missing my point.
Paul Hartzer

It’s not about compromise, it’s about convincing. There’s a difference.

I don’t like to have to convince someone that my sexuality is acceptable. But I do. I mean, it’s the world I live in. I can’t live in another world where people like that don’t exist. I don’t even live in a world where they’re a bizarre fringe minority who can safely be ignored.

If I can sit down with a guy who doesn’t like LGBT people, and then we leave and now he thinks they’re alright, then I win. It’s not a compromise. I’m not saying LGBT people are half-alright-but-half-not. I’m not backing down from my position that I have the right to be and love who I want.

The idea that we should just shut these people out and never speak to or try to convince them is what’s dangerous.

I shouldn’t have to have that conversation. I also shouldn’t be unable to leave the house in the summer because light and heat sensitivity mean I’m liable to pass out. But that’s the hand I’m dealt. I can’t move to Vegas and go for a walk in the middle of the day in June. I can’t pretend that problem doesn’t exist and need to be addressed.

And I can’t pretend that homophobes don’t exist and need to be addressed either. This is a problem that must be solved. It’s a shitty problem. It’s an ugly problem.

My humanity IS up for debate. I didn’t put it there. I don’t want it to be. It’s a stupid thing to debate. I’m human, end of story. I deserve human rights. End of story.

But goddamnit, some asshole put it up for debate. And now I’ve gotta make damn sure I win it.

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