Thou Shall Au Cheval!

Au Cheval.

I Had an Au Cheval burger last night.

Au Cheval is supposedly one of the best burgers in Chicago.

Our wait time for a table on a Wednesday night was 2 hours and 45 minutes.

We waited like the patient Chicagoan foodies we were at nearby bar.

There we got wine and beer.

We also tried their sake once we realized they had it on tap.

The sake was good.

Back to Au Cheval.

We get to Au Cheval nice and boozed up.

We decide to keep the party going and order a few whiskey pickle back shots.

If you aren’t familiar, they are whiskey shots accompanied by pickle juice shots.

If you like pickle juice and whiskey, this is a bit of a no brainer.

We then order a round of old fashioned cocktails.

Having a great time at this point.

Now comes time to order the burgers.

The waitress explains that a single is a double and a double is triple.

Not sure if I’m drunk, or if this is my kind of place.

I order a double. Add bacon.

The atmosphere is dark, the bar is busy and the cooks are busy.

Before we know it, our burgers have landed.

In front of me is placed a fat, cheesy, bacony burger with a knife through it.

The next few moments happened so fast, it was kind of a blur.

But what was once a burger, was no more.

Au Cheval had offered me it’s finest, and I camemouth wide open and received.

As the dust started to settle, we were left with one thing.

The bill.

Still trying to put my clothes back on after what felt like a wild ride, I came back to.

My contribution was $44.00 before my $7.00 well earned tip.

Wow. I just spent $50 on a burger.

That I had to wait close to 3 hours for.

Which caused me to go somewhere else and drink.

Spending another $30.

Damn you Au Cheval. You just cost me $80.00.

You tempted me with your delicious ways.

Got me drunk and had your way with me.

Now I’m not even sure if the burger was that good.

I also have nothing to show for my rendezvous with you.

How can I be sure that was the best bacon I’ve ever had?

Will I see you again soon?

Will the wait be 3 hours?

Will it still be fun if the homies can’t have none?

You’re a sneaky one you Au Cheval.

Full of surprises you are.

Like those pommes frites with Garlic Aioli.

I had two orders.

But I can’t say you didn’t give me what I asked for.

You delivered cheesiness, thick bacon and brioche just like you said you would.

You may be expensive, but I like you Au Cheval.

At least know I know what I’m in for.

Au Revoir. Au Cheval.

This is day 14 of a 30 day writing challenge. #BAFBP

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