Rise of Subscriptions and the Fall of Advertising
Bob Gilbreath


Great article!! At Hawser, we are “skipping the [traditional] ad model and going straight to subscriptions”… at least for people with more than 10 connections (those avg individual users with 10 connections or fewer can enjoy our platform for free.)

As much as we are committed to providing a personal media channel that offers user control and relevancy amidst the current bloat of social networks, the education piece appears to be our tallest hurdle.

It seems that as the pain of ad interruptions increases, we’re not seeing a proportionate increase in users realizing that those ads are precisely what’s preventing them from receiving the content they want — or that they’re actually not getting every update from every one of their connections.

While your perspective is reassuring and validating; we can’t help but wonder what, in your opinion, needs to occur (and when) in order for us to start seeing that equilibrium.


Josh Sapienza