The Flower and The Jewel; Disney’s Sexualisation Of Brown Women.
Nerdy POC

Interesting article, Disney movies often reflect the current state of mind in western societies when portraying a different culture or a minority. The Alladin movie in itself herits from the western orientalist perspective and orientalist literature of arab societies where the woman is often overly sexualized. Esmeralda is a cliché of Rromani women as well, celebrated for her beauty and «exotic charm» while otherized for her identity (seen as a thief, an ungodly woman, a witch) Nevertheless, I would differ on gipsy being a racial slur, in west european countries, gipsy is gitan in french, gitano in spanish. While it does hold racial and derogatory meaning and it is definitely used to deshumanize, that term is also used by some as a way to describe their heritage and culture (in Spain and France, I dont know about other countries). The gipsy population and culture is also not the same as the Bulgarian and Romanian Rrom population for example, they are wildly different groups, they also speak different languages. You could say some west european Rrom considered themselves as gipsy but gipsy is not a term that applies to every Rrom. Also, the gipsy-identifying part of the Rrom population is actually pretty small (less than 15%), it makes sense that a large portion refute that term, but it is unfortunate to dismiss the gypsies that do use it to describe themselves

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