How to type in Bold and Italic in WhatsApp [NeW]

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As WhatsApp is the largest messaging App in the world and to retain the top spot it always Adds up new features and tools to it’s App. As the popularity of WhatsApp is gaining momentum day by day and as the rivals of WhatsApp like Hike, Telegram, Wechat and Viber are trying their best to steal the market share from WhastApp



 WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature in the latest WhatsApp version from which you would be able to type the letters in bold, Strikethrough and italic by following some simple steps, but for using this feature you have to update the latest version of WhatsApp. 



 Why WhatsApp has unveiled this feature — 

 The real reason of WhatsApp unveiling this unique feature is said to be having ease in typing and explaining your thoughts while typing would become really easy and expressive, at the same time it would be fun to type in a different way.


 Follow below given steps to Apply the feature.




 1. To type in bold, you have to add asterisks to both ends of the text e.g *Bold*

 2. To type in italic, you have to add underscores to the both ends of the text e.g _Italics_

 3. To type in both Bold and Italic at a time time, you have to add both formats e.g _*boldItalic*_

4. To use strikethrough in your text, add titles in both sides e.g ~strikethrough~



 Why is it not working in your phone — 


 If it won’t run in your phone then don’t worry, it is because this feature doesn’t works in some smartphones or other reason can be not having the latest version of WhatsApp.

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