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Website promotion is time-consuming and costly, but it is extremely important in the development and promotion of the business. Owners of web resources use the help of professional SEO-optimizers in order to make their website to display in the top of search engines, and get visited by interested users. Even those who are responsible for promoting the site on their own, sooner or later turn to the services of specialists. It is more profitable than spending their time and money to get the result, far from ideal. How to Choose a SEO-expert, who will arrange promotion at a decent level? On the market of promotion and search engine optimization are a large number of specialists. If you look for a specialist using method of “trial and error”, you can waste your time and invest a lot of funds. They can promise you a quick raise in the top of Google with the low price, but should you believe such advertising? Generous offers are often free cheese in a mousetrap.

Before giving your website in the hands of an optimizer, you need to evaluate existing proposals and choose such SEO specialist, who at the best price and within a reasonable time will bring your site on the first positions in Google. There are several criteria that should be considered when choosing a SEO-expert. 
1. Decent and credible portfolio. Check out the reviews of previous work of the optimizer. On which projects the professional was working? Evaluate the results of search engine optimization of the website on the Internet. Go to the search and check whether there are sites that were promoted by the SEO-experts in recent time. 
2. Terms of cooperation. Evaluate the ratio of the value of work, time period and guarantees. As a rule, experts which are responsible for the result of their work are not be afraid to provide customers with written guarantees. 
3. Existence of reviews and recommendations. To verify the authenticity of SEO-expert’s portfolio contact with its previous or current employers. In addition, study reviews that are available not only on the website of the optimizer company, but also on the third-party websites. Unscrupulous specialists often add to their portfolio other people’s work to impress clients. It is better to once again check the veracity of the recommendations and examples than later to get low-quality services. 
When choosing a SEO-expert do not forget the simple truth that from the quality of search engine optimization depends the promotion effectiveness. If you want a good result, you should not economize money on your site’s optimization. Refer to SEO specialist with sufficient experience and skill level in order to make sure that work done will be effective and successful, and your site will become recognizable and attractive to customers. To get top notch SEO services, address to Luka Bozic and try out AuraRank v2.0 SEO packages. 
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