Trapped by the UX $$$

Don’t choose a job based on its financial incentives alone. It’s a dead cert way to get stuck in a work environment you don’t care about with a team you don’t relate to and a product you have no passion for.

Instead choose a job that interests and challenges you, one that aligns to your goals aspirations and purpose in this world. One where you are surroudned by like minded people that will help you develop and evolve. One where you can give back to others in the workplace, to share you passions and interests both work and non work related.

Following the money can feel like you’re trapped in a prison cell of your own making. Learning to live to that lifestyle, feeling like there is no way to drop back down the pay grade for that dream job that offers so much more but just can’t quite meet your new financial expectations.

Don’t get trapped by the money. Theres far more important stuff in the working world.

A job like this will take you to places far beyond that extra couple of quid. Find that job and I can guarantee the rewards will pay you back ten fold.