Is Everyone Bisexual?

Hey guys this is going to be very sort but I hope you like it.

Over the world today there are so many people that are gay, lesbian, straight or bisexual. Which is crazy but at the same time amazing.

I am a straight guy with a girl-friend and i have never been happier in my life, its amazing but there is times where she will call me gay because i do acted camp as they say. but who doesn't?

The way i look at it, is yes, you do find one sex more physically attractive then the other. but i would like you to think of a theory i have which is…

Say for example you was straight and blind. In this case we are a male. One day you was meeting up with a random person of the same sex but to you, you have no idea was a male or female. So you both get a drink and chat but you still can’t tell if this person is a guy or not. You don’t ask because you don't want to be rude and over the next few weeks you start meeting more and more. You build up the balls (as they say) to ask if this person what sex they are. They lie saying female. Over time from going on dates and meeting up. You start gaining there trust and start falling for them. Now your at the time in this relationship where we are going to want to have sex. which is great. At this time most people have fallen for each other and as in us ( The blind guy) reach down and found our partner of the last four weeks ( Lets just say) has got a penis. You flip out and end everything that has happened over the last four weeks and go home to forget about it.

So your most likely thinking whats your point?

My point is, before you knew that person was the same sex as you, you didn't care you just wanted to be with them. You wanted to spend your days with them. Date them and also make love to them (SO SEX!!). Thats why i think everyone can fall for a person of the same sex. but having your eyes allows us to focus on what turns us on. For me being women but for you, who knows?

Thanks Haydn