“Get up you scum!”

“Hey, you don’t have to be rude about it; God…” He pulled himself up off the hard pad. “Ya know, a nicer bed would be most appreciated.”

“I would prefer not even giving you a bed, but unfortunately we have to.” He grumbled, pulling a ring of keys from his pocket.

“I thought I needed a better rest, but you do apparently.”

“Don’t test me Amarnath. You’ve been really trying my patience lately. If you act up again I have orders to send you to the courthouse.” He unlocked the cell door and slid it open.

“One more chance huh?” After he walked out of the small cell, he grabbed his belongings from a bucket on the counter. “Hey, how bout you call me by my first name for a change? Last names are so formal Joe.”

“Chale…you have till the count of ten to get out of here before I put you back in that cell to rot.”

“Fine by me.” He chuckled, putting on his jacket. “Have a good day police officer.”

Chale was glad that he had put on his coat before stepping out, because the chill hit him like a wall as soon as he had opened the door. “Jesus, it’s freezing out here.” He mumbled to himself as he walked along the sidewalk.

The loud noises of the street was giving him a massive headache, one that could only be drowned out with some music. He pulled his earbuds out of his jacket pocket, quite surprised to find that they were neatly wrapped without a tangle in sight.

‘Huh. How is everything in my life tangled but my cords ain’t?’ He thought to himself about how ironic this was while he tried to start up his phone.

Instead of the bright screen awaiting him though, it instead stayed black, and didn’t show any signs of life. ‘Of course, that dick probably used up all my power.’ He grunted and shoved it back in his pocket.

He next went for his wallet, examining the contents so he could get a feel for what he had spent the night before. ‘Huh…what’s this doing in here?’

A wrinkled up, old hundred dollar bill was shoved in the back, and upon retrieving it a small post-it note fell out.


Your hawt

Call me

503 458 62 **

Lucky for him, the last two digits were smudged out, so he couldn’t call back this random lady even if he wanted to. Though, he did feel bad that he had introvertedly gotten so much money off of a probably innocent and very drunk women.

He gunted, shoving the ill gotten gains into his pants pocket. For a second he considered heading back to the bar to get the money returned, but who knew if she would even be around. What if she never came back? There would be no point. He shrugged. ‘She was probably going to just use it for drugs anyway…’

‘But what if she doesn’t?’

He sighed in annoyance. Unfortunately, his conscience had gotten the best of him, and pretty soon he had made his way back over to the bar.

“Oh yeah, it’s morning huh?” He muttered to himself as he looked at the closed doors.


‘Oh great, who’s that?’ He turned around to see an unfamiliar, but somehow recognizable face. ‘Do I know her? And why does she look angry? Crap what did I do last night?’ “Uh, hey. Do I know you?”

“Were you at this bar last night?” She asked crossly.

“Yeah…” He replied.

“I’m sorry sir, I’ve had a long week, if you could give me a moment to explain-”

A lightbulb went off in his head. “Oh, are you the lady that gave me the money? I just came back to try to return that.”

She paused. “Oh? Oh, yeah, yeah, thank you. I was hoping to get that back…I hope you can excuse my behavior last night; I’ve been having to deal with a court order and-”

“Trust me, it’s fine. Everyone needs to unwind once and awhile.” He handed her back the cash. “To be honest, I don’t remember much of last night.” He chuckled.

She smiled. “Thanks. I’m glad to see that there are good, honest people left in this world. You know what? Money is the least of my problems at the moment, you can keep it.”

“Really? You sure?” Chale asked with uncertainty. “I’ll be fine without it.”

“Oh, don’t be so modest!” She waved her hand dismissively. “Take it!”

“Ah, thanks miss.” He awkwardly stuffed the bill in his pocket. ‘She probably thinks I’m homeless or something, damnit…’

“No problem. Have a good day sir.”

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