Face It. Your Hiring Process Is Broken.
Kira Leigh

I feel you 👏. Last year I interviewed at 52 companies over the course of three months, and got a grand total of three offers, with the two I didn’t accept being for, let’s just say, significantly below market rate. I’m a software engineer and had 1.5 years of experience at the time, with very solid work in that time including major solo projects, contributions to Rails, etc. I had no problem getting interviews, but the interviews were endless garbage. Getting laughed at or treated like a hostile witness during interviews was a pretty regular occurrence, and the majority of the time I just felt like I was being lied to and they never had any intention of hiring me. In interviews where I wasn’t laughed or sneered at, I frequently did fantastically and was told as much — only to still be rejected, either for no reason or for a reason that could’ve been observed from a glance at my resume or at least during my first few hours of interviewing: “actually, we were looking for someone with three years of experience.” (Why they’d need that anyway is, of course, a story on its own.) The cherry on top was when a couple months after I finally got my current job, one of the startups that rejected me after a great interview came to a women in tech event at my new company and publicly begged my CTO to tell them the secret to finding female engineers. “We’ve been looking for months and months and just can’t find any competent female engineers!!!” There is really no limit to the problems with the process or to employers’ arrogance and refusal to address them.

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