I woke up this morning a hopeless romantic. Dreams of sweet silencing kisses released me into consciousness. The steady thrum of the shower greeted me from across the hall. When the water shut off ‘Hey Jude’ swelled from the other side of the bathroom door. The sound enough to melt my heart. The door clicked open and I caught a glimpse of him. Red towel wrapped around his waist, brown hair dripping water onto tanned shoulders. His voice grew muffled once more as the door to his bedroom shut behind him. I slid from the bed and crept down the hall. I leaned against the wall next to his room, closing my eyes and letting his voice wash over me and carry me off. The rush of air caused by his door opening startled me out of my reverie and back into the moment. He flashed me a smile and held a hand out to me. He drew me close and danced me slowly through the house. His voice gentle as he continued to sing. Droplets of water fell from his hair to slide down my skin. We wound up in the living room, still unable to let go even after the song had ended. I kept my face pressed to his chest, the well worn fabric of his shirt soft under my cheek.