Hayter Lawnmowers

Hayter is customer driven and provides innovative technology plus solutions which have led the full industry. It does not take leading brand in Northern Europe for lawn mowing and powered garden equipment. Its mission is usually to serve the highly qualified retail channels possibly at one time develop its brand across Europe along with the world

They have a quite strong Dealer network in england such as the long established www.gardenmachineryworld.co.uk

Their main priorities are quality and developing the site. These priorities have made it possible for Hayter to provide excellent and value for funds items which operate in harmony together with the environment. One good demonstration of this really is mulching.

Mulching lawnmowers efficiently cut and re-cut grass clippings into tiny particles which are then blown deep in the turf away from sight. Consequently you have no clippings to dump — no trips on the tip, no piles of rotting grass in your garden, simply a perfect finish that�s 30% quicker. Thanks to the special kind of the blade, the small pieces are blown on to the lawn.

Hayter mowers midlands dealers

Mulching lawnmowers recycle the clippings when you mow.Cutting and re-cutting the blades of grass into tiny particles enables them to wilt and break up a lot more quickly than when mown which has a single cut. A blade of grass contains greater than 80% moisture, chopping it into fine particles releases this moisture right away so the recycling process starts as you mow.

Garden Machinery World operating out of Gloucestershire give a full range of Hayter, Mountfield and Stiga products as well as a comprehensive after-sales service so take a look at their site at www.gardenmachineryworld.co.uk

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