Three success stories you’d love about winning entrepreneurial success with creative marketing

The DREAM is the main difference between a small business owner and an entrepreneur

  1. Customers are looking for the human aspect
  2. Your biggest asset and the biggest differentiation between your entrepreneurship and any other business is yourself —…

Dr. Kevin Gazzara represents a different kind of entrepreneur — that’s why there is so much to learn from his journey

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Bad news — You need to be human

Mark Schaefer — Closing Keynote Speaker SMMW19

SMMW18 John Lee Dumas hosts a panel with Cathy Heller, Pat Flynn, and Lewis Howes

On a Delta flight to San Diego, which is a long 21 hour trip trip to the Social Media Marketing World 2019 for the fifth year.

When you manage tens of millions of dollars in marketing budgets for the leading brands around the world, you are sure it’s the most influential position you can get.

Hayut Yogev

REACH OR MISS podcast hostess, Founder & CEO at Gaia VSM

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