Large parties

Series of exotic cars lined up in a serpentine like arrangement in the excessively long and wide driveway. Just before the entrance was a gold Rolls Royce, with the luxurious logo hanging on the front of the beautiful machine. This is amazing, Wale thinks. One day I’ll drive in this beauty. I have to. I mean, what is life if I don’t live as exuberantly as Porfirio Rubirosa lived?

A white haired man revved the engine of his Porsche. It’s a Panamera turbo S. He traces the wheels and taps it delicately. Isn’t she a beauty? He asks as he looks glamorously at the lady seated next to him. She’s so overwhelmed with excitement that all she does is laugh. He places a hand on her exposed thighs and she laughs some more. Oh, life is fair and more to rich people. They can have whatever they want by just snapping their fingers.

“Sir, I cannot allow you entrance, I’m sorry. Orders from above say there are no saloon cars allowed. I’m sorry once again. Please move your car out of the line”

If paradise isn’t like this then I don’t want to be there. Lights. Beautiful lights. There are lights everywhere. The compound is nearly as huge as the solar system. Maybe it is the solar system. There are women as hot as the sun here. There are men who can buy the world with their money. Lights. There’s a fountain and it looks so alive and magical. Cars continue to troop in. Wealthy and affluent people. If there’s any middle class people here it’s those ones who can afford to live in Lekki but would rather live in Surulere. They are not middle class per se. In fact, they are rich, but they just prefer to be identified as middle class. I have no idea why. There are people gathered around the fountain. There’s something euphoric about watching water fall and rise. And there’s something about a large gathering of people. People that have gathered not to mourn. Not to make use of GT bank’s services. They are gathered to party.

Valerie did not inform her boyfriend of the party she’ll be attending in Lekki phase 1. Lanre would never agree to her coming.

“It’s only runs girls that go to parties. If you’re decent you won’t leave the hostel” he would say.

But Lanre never says the same of boys. As a matter of fact, Lanre goes clubbing on the island every weekend with his boys. He says he has to do it now so he doesn’t do it later. Valerie’s friends are turning up, uploading every moment on Snapchat. They’ve downed shots of Tequila. Shayo na bastard o. Tequila na bigger bastard. They’re misbehaving. Valerie would love to misbehave too. But she can’t risk doing that because of Lanre.

“Have you ever taken coke before?”

Chidi is stunned by the question. Coke? Is this girl crazy? He doesn’t know how to respond. How can a pretty lady like this be doing coke?

“Let’s do coke and we can go upstairs and fuck our brains out”

Chidi’s penis catches that information before his brain is able to process it. He’d do anything to bang her, but coke is not something he’s willing to give a try. He smokes weed. The feeling weed gives him is unequaled. How does he decline this request?

No one understands this party. No one knows why they have gathered in this expansive space. That’s the kind of party that appeals to Yetunde. Large parties without reason. In the list of people who are incapable of giving a fuck, Yetunde is up there. All she wants to do in life is have fun and without coincidence, that’s all she ever does. That’s why she’s in this party. She likes large parties. She likes not giving a fuck.

The entire compound is packed full of people and cars. Everyone is in a jolly mood. Varieties of chemical substances are being used. The only form of communication allowed is physical. Physical as in body to body. Nobody is here for chitchat or reunion or hangout. Nobody is busy pressing their phones. A couple people are uploading moments, but it’s nothing more than that. Large parties, truly, are intimate. It is the grandest platform for humans to exhibit their savagery. A beautiful kind of savagery.

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