Firefox and the changes since Australis

Firefox and I must be Best Pals.

Even since firefox was out and fresh in Version 4 I fell in love with it.

First above all it had addons. Something that Chrome and IE lacked at that point. Second it’s interface and the mobility of the UI was wonderful.

It didn’t have the old appearences of IE6 and WinXP but it still looked “Classy”

And Australis Came Out.

Now, I can’t tell whether I love this new look or not, because… Well I’m Both.

I like the new features, the fixed buttons and the overall look.

I hate the Triple-Barred Menu Button and the tab looks.

And It was Okay.

But Mozilla’s going downhill lately.

They are making so many updates in such a short invertal.

Many of my favorite Addons and Themes were abandoned just because of the rapid change. Now it’s Aug 2016 and the Nightly Tester Version reached Version 50.

I like the new buttons added and the overall modern look, But I think Mozilla needs to go back to the old days, when they updated once in a 5 Months and brought all the updates toghther in ONE BIG PIECE

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