Think Yourself Healthy: Cognitive Hypnotherapy Download

Learn how you can use imagery and suggestion to fortify your natural immunity and to speed recovery from injury.

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The mind-body connection

My previous article explores the connection between the mental and the physical. As a therapist, I’m particularly interested in how that connection can be utilised to positively influence our state of health and wellbeing and the speed at which we can recover from illness or injury.

How can you heal your body with your mind?

Put really simply, your body knows how to heal itself and your unconscious mind is in control of your body. Thought is a direct line to the natural mechanisms that your body employs to heal itself; whether that’s repairing the damaged skin of a paper cut, or eliminating cancerous cells, your body has the tools.

For years I have been using visualisation to help encourage my natural healing processes when I’m either ill or injured, and I can honestly say that I’ve noticed a distinct improvement in my recovery time since I started focusing in this way. It’s not a magic trick, it’s just about letting your body function at its most effective.

As discussed at greater length here, a state of psychological rest is imperative for our natural healing processes to function. For this reason, taking a short amount of time each day to relax and focus on your recovery can be highly beneficial.

Click on the link below (and then right-click on the file) to download this unique Cognitive Hypnotherapy healing recording. These suggestions are designed to help you gradually relax and then direct your own unconscious ability to heal. You can use it for anything from a twisted ankle to fighting a virus, or chronic condition.

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Instructions for use:

~ Listen to this recording once or twice a day whilst recovering from injury or illness (it’s 15 minutes long).

~ For best results, choose a specific time of day, and a place where you will not be disturbed.

~ Listen with your eyes closed and just allow your mind to wander. In particular, notice any imagery your unconscious might bring up (that includes sounds and feelings as well as visual imagery). However you needn’t force this, nor worry if nothing striking comes to mind because we all respond to suggestion in different ways. Rest assured that whatever your experience, your mind knows what it’s doing.

A note on hypnosis

Finally, bear in mind that hypnosis (the trance state) is an ordinary everyday occurrence, so you don’t need to feel as though you’ve been whisked off to an alternate reality in order for these suggestions to have a positive effect. We walk around in various different levels of trance for most of the day. That’s how (more sinister) things like advertising work; we’re pretty much always open to suggestion.

This experience need be nothing more than what you’d expect from a short recording (i.e. sitting down and listening to me rabbit on for fifteen minutes). That said, you may find that the process of listening can become increasingly relaxing, so doing so whilst driving would not be advised.

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