What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is eugeroic that is approved by FDA. In the USA it is classified as schedule IV controlled substance, it also might be called as “Alertec”, “Provigil”, “Modavigil” and sometimes “Modalert”. Presriptions for Modafinil are: narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness. But it is most popular because of its off-label use as working doping (see Coffee or drug?).

Of course, you couldn’t use it as a real doping as far as it was banned by International Olympic Committee. Any way, when we can use Modafinil? What benefits it performs to normal people? When it cannot be used? And where it’s using will lead? We will try to find answers in this article.

Coffee or drug?

Off-label use of Modafinil is very popular among students and office workers. They find it best choice as Modalert is effective, cheap and has few side effects. Even military forces of some countries (e.g .UK) are interested in using Modafinil. Some of students are concerned that Modafinil can give cognitive enhancement, they could dill with more complex task.

Publication of Oxford neuropsychologists Anna-Katharine Brem & R.M. Battleday that were on their research of Modafinil came to the conclusion that this medicine “enhances executive function, only half show improvements in attention and learning and memory”(Modafinil for cognitive neuroenhancement in healthy non-sleep-deprived subjects: A systematic review R.M. Battleday Correspondence information about the author R.M. Battleday R.M. Battleday A.-K. Brem) and is even more effective and gives more productivity to person that working on complex and long task.

Office soldier

Working few days with little sleep or even without it? Of course, this gives advantage to workers using this doping. “Office soldier” that can improve their productivity by more than a half. It is a dream of every company.

In head of the class

Writing articles and scientific works in one day term? Using Modafinil some students improve their productivity. Modafinil cognitive enhancement giving them better concentration and possibility spend night time in writing. It was mentioned by several students that Modafinil works even better if you spend only two or three hours for sleep. After this short nap they were full of energy. Some students mention that it only helped them not to sleep and feeling nervous. Students that spent no time for sleep were feeling not so good and their productivity was lower.

Side effects

According to Pharmacol Biochem Behav modafinil can make some influence on persons appetite as side effect without any signs of anorexic effects. Medicine prescription for Povegil informs that most common adverse reactions such as : headache, nausea, nervousness, rhinitis, diarrhea, back pain, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, and dyspepsia may occur only in five or even less then five percent of cases.

Modafinil is contraindicated

Modafinil is absolutely prohibited for persons suffering from allergy. Modafinil should be used wisely if person has some heart problems.

Here is list of warnings and precautions :

1.Serious rash, including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: Discontinue
2. At the first sign of rash, unless the rash is clearly not drug-related.
3. Multi-organ Hypersensitivity Reactions: If suspected, discontinue
4. Persistent Sleepiness: Assess patients frequently for degree of
5. sleepiness and, if appropriate, advise patients to avoid driving or engaging in any
6. other potentially dangerous activity
7. Psychiatric Symptoms: Use caution in patients with a history of psychosis
8. depression, or mania. Consider discontinuing Modafinil if psychiatric symptoms develop.
9. Known Cardiovascular Disease: Consider increased monitoring.

Future perspectives

As resume, we cannot say that this drug has no side effects. But on the other hand if you have to use some energetic because of deadlines and great amount of work, it is one of the less health impact medicines. You can buy Modafinil in local chemistry or use online shop. Modafinil might become part that organizes ones working space. It might be product of the future used by everyone starting from student of college and by astronaut. It can happen that in the future we will say “Would you like a cup of Modafinil?” instead of “Would you like a cup of coffee?”.