The most satisfying things ever... Do you agree?

1.When you turn up somewhere at the exact same time as the person you’re meeting

2. Having the correct ratio of sauce for your chips

3.Filling your petrol tank to the exact penny

4.Cracking an egg perfectly

When I grow up

When I grow up, what will I be?

Maybe a farmer, on fields feeling free.

Out in the daylight, from morning till night,

Own acres of land, it'll be all that's in sight.

When I grow up, what will I be?

Maybe an artist, painting the…

Stuck in a dark place and struggling to get out? You’re not alone.

You’ve forgotten how to laugh and smile. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to be happy and free. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to be freshly bathed and wearing newly washed clothes.

Gone are the days you…

Lockdown: an introverts dream.

How do you really feel about lockdown? Fed up? Bored? Totally over it?

I’ll be honest and say most people I’ve spoken to are hating it. They miss their friends and family, their colleagues, their hairdresser and local bartender. They miss the ability to do what…

Alcohol. Is it really worth it?

Those days wasted. Those plans cancelled. The overwhelming feeling of guilt and embarrassment the next day. The heavy head and painful stomach. The black outs. The tears. This is just a small list of the consequences of drinking.

Okay, I’m not going to be…

Socialising..When did it become such a chore!?

Gone are the days I get excited to go out. Gone are the days I make the extra effort to speak to people and plan things. Gone are the days I even speak to people. Where did it all go wrong? Even getting…

Ask yourself, are you genuinely happy?

To tell you the truth I can’t remember the last time I felt genuine happiness. Of course I’ve had happy moments where I’ve laughed uncontrollably and smiled until it hurts but there’s always this numbness and sadness I feel which is dimming the light…

Comfortable. Does that sound positive to you? Let me explain where you may be wrong.

I never thought I’d say that being comfortable was a negative thing, but, here I am saying exactly that. You see, when you’re comfortable you’re content. When you’re content the motivation to do anything different…

Overthinking and its power to stop you in your tracks.

Another day, another day that I have to fight with my thoughts. God it’s exhausting.

Oh how I wish something good could happen without me thinking of why it happened, or that something bad had to happen because of it…

Ellen Callister

Mental health matters. Sharing thoughts, stories and relatable truths about the power of the mind.

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