52 Weeks of Ideas to grow your business and yourself-Annual personal evaluation and planning systems for yourself

As we go into the company planning periods I would like to remind you of my personal notes from an earlier series. You first need to prepare to manage myself. You need a process (system).

I’d like to share with you my system of personal planning and implementation. I have used this basic process for years. Some of this is outlined in the transitions series on the transitions page of the website. If you have not been through the series sign up at the bottom of the page. (Stagesofgrowth.org/transitions)

I (most people) need a written list and process to stay on track. I need to spend dedicated time to think, plan and implement in all of the areas of my life.

In the past I have kept a ledger which normally I maintained 5 to 10 years before I run out of space and need a new one. I carry it with me so that when I have time I can spend a few minutes with my notes to keep myself on track.

It starts with a list of the principles or values I try to live by in my life and in my work. If you know where you stand you are less likely to get off track when conflicting issues occur.

It also includes:

Index (many ledger books have preprinted page numbers). A list of specific people that I am responsible TO (not for): Friends, clients, family, and groups are listed there.

The areas of my life and the goals I have for each area.

God, self, spouse, children, family, friends, health, diet, exercise, fun, hobbies, work, etc.

Self is up at the top of the list because if I don’t take care of self I can’t take care of anything else.

In the last couple of years I have moved this system to my IPad, and I am now developing different systems for myself.

I have moved most of my information to the iPad and I am changing the way I keep and update the information.

Notes, to do list and reminders are all part of the self management systems I use to keep myself on track.

Several apps that I use to help me manage are:

The notes app that came with the Ipad, can be used to set up folders for each area.

Omni outliner Is a program that is good for list because the list can be moved up and down to reset your priorities.

Microsoft office for the IPad is good and I use Word, Excel and PowerPoint to develop and maintain budgets or presentations for myself and others.

The calendar program offers the ability to have a number of calendars. I generally use several for different areas of life. Work, personal, exercise are three examples.

Everyone works and stays in focus differently, but these are some ideas to consider.

I have scheduled times that I work on my plan. I keep an A, B, C list to look at priorities. I am trying the Buffett method of a list of only 3 items at a time. I am also working on the Hyatt method of using tags to organize Evernote.

In late August I begin a several weeks process of looking back over the last year and setting new goals for the next year.

I find August. and September are the beginning of a new season with the summer over and school starting and it is the best time for me but you may find another time better for your annual update.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas. Please share any ideas you have that I might add to the system.

I will go into this in more depth in future postings. Sign up and follow me at stagesofgrowth.org.

Good luck in your personal planning.