Resource Toolkit for a Product Designer
Hardik Pandya

Thank you HV Pandya for the list. I would like to add a few more :

  1. Font face Ninja extension for identifying fonts on web.
  2. Discover Typography by H&Co for Typeface Inspiration.

3. Muzli Browser extension for Daily Design & Tech Inspiration.

4. Dafont as one of the leading typeface resource.

5. Lingo by Noun Project for managing visual elements (icons, etc)

6. Floid App for Prototyping.

7. Product Hunt

8. Beta List

9. Skala Preview app by Bjango for Live preview of designs.

10. Stocks Im for Stock Photo collection from various websites.

11. Zoomly App helps you find awesome free stock photos.

12. Quicklens as an handy tool for all designers

13. Picjumbo for beautiful Stock photo Collection.

14. Pixeden for finding the best mockup resources.

15. Graphic Burger for tasty design resources.


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