InventEd, a new dawn for Africa’s inventions

African youth can be an asset or a liability depending on how we play our cards. Imagine what we could accomplish if we were to make sure that they are an asset! If we could put all their potential in one place and make certain that it’s productive. I believe we would be inventing a brilliant future for the continent.

Day after day, we see such amazing young people with mind-blowing skills and great character. Phenomenal ladies and gentlemen that dare to challenge the norm and show every body else that nothing is impossible. But then I think to myself “why is the world such a bad place then? Why Africa still so full of problems? “ Clearly these individuals must have all the answers, they must know more than we do, they must be more capable and surely we can trust that they have a plan. Unfortunately reality still proves otherwise, we still have not done away with all our problems yet. There still remains so much to be done. All probably because of the fact that we still lack the culture of knowledge sharing. Yes, it is sad; the culture still remains; “every man for himself!”

What if there was a way though? What if we could do things differently? What if we were the ones to create this way and then use it to better ourselves? We would start learning, collaborating and inventing together. It would probably go something like this,

InventEd; an online learning and collaboration platform, the dawn of a new era! Imagine an Africa that is connected, with a youth that is learned, enabled and empowered to think and grow rich! An Africa that is at the forefront of its “problem solving” era; young Africans taking the initiative to create solutions that best fit the continent. African youth taking their stand and doing more than simply talking about what they wish were better or what they would want to be done differently and instead seeking to acquire skills, getting proactive and creating the change they want to see, being the ones who make it happen! Getting them to learn; equipping them with the technical skills that they need and instilling in them the culture of knowledge sharing; getting these enthusiastic and tenacious young people to pick up these skills and then collaborate effectively in the most convenient space for them; a space they are already somewhat addicted to. Getting them to collaborate online!

We would be giving them a large audience to voice out their ideas; it would no longer be a handful of people across a room. It would now be an entire continent sharing ideas on the platform, developing them together and thereafter implementing them specifically to solve our problems because no one else knows them like we do! The African youth would be united for the common good of the continent, they would be sharing knowledge and exchanging resources while leveraging their strategic advantages. With this platform in place, young innovators know where to go to learn the skills that they require, they also have a space where they can exchange these skills and invent together and in the long run the power of education and collaboration becomes one to be reckoned with!

We appreciate the support of the Africa Open Data Collaboration Fund whose goal to empower Africa’s emerging open data civic entrepreneurs greatly strengthened our program this year.