The American Dream is dead. We need to move onto the mourning phase, yesterday. But people keep wandering by the carcass like, Bernie, is propped up in the corner booth at the Denny’s.
The American Dream is dead.

I think the same can be said about Europe if we were to replace “American Dream” with “God”, echoing the words of Nietzsche. 20th century Europe secularized, but never really got over God, towing around his corpse in the coded form of a vague ideal of European Nationality. When the turn of the millennium EU faced the two non-Christian challenges of immigrants and Turkey, the so-called secular EU slowly fell into crisis. The corpse propped up in the European Dream, is that of Angela Merkel, who embodies more than any other prominent European leader the ideal of secular European unity; the head of Germany’s Christian Democratic Party.

The failure of Europe to forge a truly post-Christian ethical identity has resulted in a perpetuation of a necrotic Christianity under the form of multiculturalist secular liberalism. The reaction to this is 21st century European fascism making a comeback and Brexit.

Europe needs desperately to get over God and the subtle residues of the Holy Roman Empire.

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