Fight Cortisol, Fight Anxiety

Ever heard of cortisol? If you suffer from anxiety or stress, you should know about this hormone. Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands in response to perceived danger and stress. According to Psychology Today, “free floating anxiety, doesn’t provide an outlet for the cortisol and causes the fight-or-flight mechanism to backfire.”

People with anxiety have to deal with lots of cortisol since they're suffering from a constant state of anxiousness. It’s a negative cycle.

What can you do to? Here’s a few things:

  • Exercise (just 20–30 minutes a day)
  • Meditate (10–15 minutes a day)
  • Socialize with friends and loved ones (easier said than done, but even social media interaction can be good)
  • Laugh
  • Listen to music
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