The Most Appreciated Website Designs of 2014

A few years ago websites were developed with a lot of flash, pop ups and unprofessional colors but its very surprising to see drastic changes in the way websites are developed and designed. The truth is that web design, like any other design if we put it this way, has its own tendencies and trends it respects, according to the impact it creates on the final user. Thus, for this year, it has been determined what the most appreciated website types are and how the web development in these cases can help a normal user enjoy the most the website he is visiting.

Surprisingly, today most people appreciate simple websites, which contain more quality data and information, than rather have an extra loaded design, with striking colors and flash type designs that make navigation through the website a real hustle. Thus, flat website designs sits in the top of preferences for the creation of today’s websites. Both website owners and users have words like simple, clean and modern when it comes to the web development of a site. That means getting the most out of using less. Using minimalist web design means a website that presents to be clean and strikingly easy to be used. This means an enhanced user experience, since the final user can have easy access to the entire site, hustle free, which will ensure a comeback. Time is precious for everybody and a clean website will save everyone some quality time and keep the users satisfied.

Another website design that conquers ground is parallax web design. It may sound from another world for someone who never met the term, but it actually is all about playing with images and typography, that unroll in under your mousse scroll in a very unexpected and futuristic way. If we take some time and think about it, this is not a very complex design, but the effects it creates really has a positive impact over the web site user. And this is exactly what web designers are looking to achieve. Big companies and well-known brands already felt the impression such web sites can bring and, since today is a time where statements have to be made in an original way, they seem to have a preference for using this type of design. Web development in this case also is kept simple for a happy and untroubled user. The only thing spectacular about this web design remains strictly to the way graphics are user alongside with typography and spots of strong colors.

In the list of preferences for the 2014 web design we can also find typography. It seems like the old types of writing like good old Times New Roman is not considered to be interesting by anyone. For anyone that is thinking about hiring a team of web developers to create your web site, great fonts and all kinds of typography features are now very much affordable. So the demand to bring something original to a web site by simply using a more different lettering is really becoming a major trend in website design. And the users almost have a sixth sense that can feel this overall tendency, since the lack of a different type of font in a web site can prove out to be quite odd for them, since they are already expecting everyone to do this. Everyone is expecting to see at least a chance in this. Web development in appreciated to be as simple as it can be, but the use of fonts can really create quite an intriguing experience for any user that is in a search to find something different out in the sea of websites.

But the major trend in the websites of this year is pricing good quality information. Any web developer will want to offer good content, with quality data, that is new and interesting for the user. Thus, heavy types of design, that can be considered aggressive, is removed and kept to a simple level, letting the information stand out and be more reachable for the user. Information is today’s most appreciated resource and being able to find it quick and easy can mean a great deal for a user and by doing so any web developer will ensure a certain comeback and an increase in the traffic of his webpage.

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