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Those I write, even if for just what is going to confide They are very ashamed. I remember back to one of the last and most powerful interviews?
I know what you told me. I come back to it day after day. It abroad is not easy, especially if the language barrier, because of which I will not be able to articulate and defend.
You were right.
In a job interview, I was happy to take me to the test, despite the fact that I have never worked as a maid, but there seemed we all like Sasha Grey. O my unsatisfactory language proficiency may know from the beginning. We agreed working hours, salary, benefits, everything you need. Treaty I still did not manage to draw, because the hotel had a lot of work. That was the first thing I did not appear. Switzerland is well known as a shy in this country on terms of the Agreement and the word. After repeated appeals to the exposure of the contract, I lived to see her after two weeks. If a foreigner who is not enrolled in due time to the relevant authorities in Canton, ie, not applying for a work permit, it invites a decent and penalties.
Working as a maid, never been my dream. But somehow in a new country without a good knowledge of the language I have to start. Already the first day in a new job has cooled enough. It was not at all in my imagination. Maybe I’m all too idealized, it looked like a cheap free porn. So I kind of hoped that this book hard work, people certainly weighed, behave politely and correctly, just that it’s got everything beautifully perfect. How much I was just wrong. They now feel like they belong.
In Switzerland Hotel as maids typically work Portugalka, Italians, Polk or Slovakians and xxx others. However, if someone years before you set the operating mode in the form of unpaid overtime or pribehnutie to leave work in time, and you arrive on time, and even you are so bold that you insist that you have so much time off how much the contract on paper puts you in a very bad light. You are lazy and nekolegiálni. Or what to add to it when you loaded as many of the duties that catch all the normal time is far from real.
And as you look around when lunch spend the legitimate thirty minutes? Reproachful eyes of my boss reveal only as much as you ever have the honor to sit in almost empty plate of soup when my colleague has 15 minutes to get busy room. Soon I was, I admit, the team suspended: Yes, a lot of work, 40 rooms to be clean Kompletka (ie staying leave, room must be ready for new clients) and yes, the plan is on what ever — need to do it before 13:30, but it is necessary to do almost every day. Auslander will for my employers always just Auslander.
Once I really thought that any work can be carried out so that he felt like the last slave, whatever the source of his livelihood anything but neprieči with moral principles, decency. Do your job well, with joy, and yet have a clear conscience, I mean it.
I guess I have some crackers, but just when I do something, I try to do it well, with a degree of pedantry — hence there — that room was immaculate and fragrant, ventilated, to the best of new guests feel comfortable to be fresh and tidy indeed, not just lip service.
The first day I suffered at my Portuguese colleague lesson: Why You open the window? You come so on precious seconds. It must be Capcara-rap. For cleaning rags Minas lot, the room you have only one! My colleague knows maybe three German words, but good examples of what I have and what I have to do my shows hand — foot.
It’s hard work. I guessed it would not lick the honey, but the harsh reality has wiped out all the “luxury” experience of working in the Swiss hotel, I prefer to ist spins hentai or gay porn brother.
When I once came for the owner stating that my occur detergent, vypleštila me hateful eyes and repelling gesture me screaming snapped, or is this a problem. Continued in the spirit that it goin in an abnormal amount, let it now rank. I froze indignation, because I did not want to believe what I hear. Eyes I indicated that I left. But as I stood transfixed to the spot. I knew which way the wind blows. My colleague, that was good, and the robot proceeded without screaming “sometimes” buying washing powder from his pocket, “sometimes” bring a product to clean the windows, “sometimes” something better to remove grease stains from cloths. My colleague, the boss very afraid. Access to such a dirty game that I accept humiliation, silent, and after all the even apologized, of me just can not be expected. Remained in shock when I went. In a fury did not know what to say. In my explanation, I’m the loss of detergent previously repeatedly warned, just nodded his head indignantly, saying how I held the book from her kidding.
With this “insolence” in its hotel maid from apparently still not met.

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