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©Healing Elaine®, photo by Pia Oyarzun

“sometimes I wish I WAS you”, she said. I was 13 years old and we were sitting at my kitchen table. “she” was my best friend.

she was more beautiful, more confident, more outgoing, more applied in school, and I looked up to her. I was in the midst of the worst time of my life, in a chaotic and volatile home environment, I was being bullied at school, and my parents were on the brink of finally separating. her words caught me completely off-guard, and they actually scared me. and the words themselves, in light of where my life was at that moment, made no logical sense to me either. at 13, I had no idea why those words would scare me — but looking back, it was my internal gps working. my stomach felt funny right when she said it. I actually felt like I wanted to leave the room. …

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©Healing Elaine®

sexual predators survive because their family and victims protect them.

it is amazing to me, the number of cases I am familiar with throughout my lifetime thus far. and in each and every case, I see an entire family rallying around the most insidious, evil, often outwardly powerful individual (predator).

of course, predators do not have to be men. in many cases, they are. and in many or nearly all of these cases, their families protect them — because, you know, REPUTATION.

in all cases of abuse, not just sexual, I have discovered one thing to be true nearly 100% of the time: the witnesses, the complicit, the bystanders, care more about their image than the victim. just like wild animals, they will eat one of their own to save face. …

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I have / Healing Elaine® has been dealing with unthinkable censorship and shadow banning for the last three years, and it is coming from every angle. first, it began when my websites were stolen in 2017…shortly after an article broke about me in Forbes Magazine. after that, I was restricted — in a variety of ways — on all big tech platforms starting with Google. my traffic saw a shocking dip. I was followed (as in, followed on foot). in tandem, and beginning in 2018 when my websites were rescued and my A records back in my name, my site began to take 2–5minutes to load — in some cases it would not load at all. this has never changed or improved, despite hiring dozens of experts to help me with the website. social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook break my site links, in addition to but separately from the site often timing out or never loading in the first place. the conclusion that has been drawn is ISP interference, and the possibility that my name has been smeared at a very high level — in such cases, it is possible to put someone and their business or website on some sort of unofficial terror group list; indefinitely blocking and confusing the person on the list. I have lost over seven figures from this, and spent six figures trying to figure this out. there are a number of individuals who are quietly being investigated over this, as I consider the cost of saying “no”, to otherwise “high-level” or connected (in tech and BEYOND) persons, that could have landed me here. I also consider the fact that there is no one writing about the subjects I cover, in the way that I cover them; I consider the fact that my patient and client base is like none other, and my results like none other — this presents all kinds of potential “problems” for powers that be who don’t want particular solutions in place or certain truths shared. I also approach my work with the utmost of integrity and I can never be bought. this is what makes me strong, inside and out, but I also recognize the brazen and flaming ego of the human condition that can’t hear “no”. THAT, is why my protocol is as such — this includes celebrity/public figure protocol which perhaps you can read here (if my site will allow you to). with all of this said, I have been crushed in every way possible not just elusively via targeting my website, but from every single social media and big tech platform. LinkedIn tried to erase me from existence in October 2019, without justification (all of these instances offer zero justification, by the way). Instagram shadow bans me and removes my followers, as well as breaks my site links repeatedly (and using new tactics to do so — the latest one is that it doesn’t send a signal to my website at all; whereas in the past it would simply break the link and say “this page has been removed”…clever). Facebook is not worth mentioning. Twitter has looked in on me via the Square platform that I often use to charge patients and clients — going so far as to ask me about my work with a prominent physician, in exchange for a Square business loan (after I already accepted the loan offer). most recently, Yelp has shut down all of my three Healing Elaine® pages and locations that I had for nearly a decade — never-minding the tens of thousands of dollars that I spent with them to aid in keeping my hundreds of reviews from being removed by them had I not paid. in the midst of all of this, the SBA called me a “patronage” when I applied for my first bank loan EVER in 2019 (didn’t ever need one — my business was rocking), and said that they don’t loan to “patronages”. as per my website, I have switched hosts several times now, and it makes no difference. I have had experts from high-level teams analyze my site, with no explanation for what is happening. finally, my business line — 917.985.1221 — (which I changed AGAIN in 2019 due to Google Voice interference) has been mysteriously crossed with another line, and my carrier can not figure it out. this type of interference is very specific, very high-level, and very desperate. despite all of my challenges, I will not lose this battle. I am working with an investigative journalist and a few other outlets to get my story out (not to mention all of this is on record with legal teams); and when it comes out, you may not be able to get to my website (for reasons mentioned). you may attempt to see my YouTube channel: , my LinkedIn page: , my LinkedIn company page: , my IMDB page: and my Instagram page: — this is assuming these platforms do not take out my links and claim it was a “tech glitch”. heck, my medium pages could even go down. …


Healing Elaine®

I am censored and shadow banned. Medical Intuitive & C-Suite Advisor at Healing Elaine®: Bridging the Gap Between Medical & Spiritual®

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