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I recently gave a talk at TEDxDetroit, and this slide was the major take home of the presentation, about the future of healthcare:

Make Health: Personal Genomics Hero Story:

Courtesy of @pfanderson, Co-Conspirator of the We Make Health Fest

I was given the honor of closing remarks at the We Make Health Fest, and was pretty nervous about it frankly. I was supposed to do something on personal genomics along with the closing remarks. The very idea made me feel dizzy. I thought about it a lot for weeks without having any ideas I felt good about. One of the ideas was to make the whole thing a poem. Then I thought haiku for each section of the talk. Then I started outlining the talk and realized it sounded…

Post by @pfanderson, co-conspirator of the We #makehealth Fest

You may have noticed that the We Make Health Fest is sponsored by the Health Design By Us collaborative, of which Joyce Lee is the PI and I am a team member. So what is the connection, at least for us, between health design and making health? A good topic for the final post before the big event. For me, personally, my awareness of the intimate role of design in health began with doorknobs.

Well, actually it came in the 80s when I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by…

The #MakeHealth Exhibitors

Courtesy of @pfanderson, Co-Conspirator of the We Make Health Fest

The exhibits for the We Make Health Fest are visual, active, hands-on. We are hoping the exhibitors will show you how to do things yourself, discuss tips, tricks, strategies. So, for this blogpost, to try to replicate that sense of physical engagement in a virtual environment, the information about the exhibitors isn’t in a list studded with occasional pictures. Nope, it’s almost all pictures, in a slideshow you can click through yourself, at your own pace. Take a look, browse, think about which ones you want most to visit. And enjoy!

We Make Health Fest Exhibitors slideshare:

Direct Link to Full Schedule (Speakers and Exhibitors!):

Please attend the We Make Health Fest and follow @makehealthUM and @healthbyus for updates!

#health + #technology + #design partner!

We #makehealth Fest — brought to you by

Post by @joyclee, co-conspirator of and the We Make Health Fest! Fantastic designs by Sam Oliver and Xiaoying He from the Stamps School of Art and Design.

We are super excited about our big event, the inaugural We Make Health Fest coming up in just 2 days here at the University of Michigan!

We have 3 major goals with this event:

  • To encourage “design for health” at a grassroots level; even children should think of themselves as designers! (Stay tuned for B’s presentation at the event!)
  • To learn about new tools and technologies that could be used to promote health (wellness or chronic disease management)!
  • To bridge…

Make Health meetings, encounters, stuff by rosefiring, on Flickr

Courtesy of @pfanderson, Co-Conspirator of the We Make Health Fest

I’m so excited! Does it show? All week, every dream I remember having has been about the We Make Health Fest. One of them last night was about writing this blogpost today, and titling it “There’s Magic in the Air.” So, that’s what I’m doing.

Today, I just want to whet your appetites a little by showing you a few videos I found by or about some of our speakers. You will have already seen our video (created by the fantastic and generous Andrew Maynard). Most of these are on…

A collaboration

A collaborative post between @joyclee, @TheTrevorTorres, and @jakiebones

Meet Trevor, patient advocate, Diabetes Evangelist, and sophomore at the University of Michigan, and Jacob (“Jake”) Dwyer, interactive comic book artist with a passion for superheroes, and a junior at the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design.

Trevor and Jake paired up this summer to create a really cool comic book inspired by Trevor’s personal story of diabetes and Jake’s talent at comic book/superhero creation.

Find out about the health-makers you’ll meet on Saturday!

Courtesy of @pfanderson, Co-Conspirator of the We Make Health Fest

When we started planning this, more than once @joyclee told me, “Hey, I’ll be happy if five people show up.” Well, we did a lot of talking, had a lot of meetings, asked people to spread the word, and … the resulting response has been beyond our WILDEST dreams! Since this is our first time, we wanted to keep this as open as possible, and create as many opportunities for people to be involved as we could. Exhibitors are timesharing booths and tables. Speakers are doing mostly pecha kucha style…

Courtesy of @pfanderson, Co-Conspirator of the We Make Health Fest

We Make Health Fest: Flickr Group by rosefiring, on Flickr:

We’ve been busy. And it shows. It’s TIME!

This is the last week before our first inaugural We Make Health Fest!

We keep adding new information to the website, almost daily. Today it was the speaker list and agenda. Tomorrow perhaps the exhibitor list? Who knows. What I can tell you is that it is amazing. There are so many exceptional people coming to show or tell about such fascinating projects.

The Open Source Mosquito Trap? It’s August. I need one of those!

The wheelchair that climbs stairs?

[#makehealth] — Learning Videos

Courtesy of @pfanderson, Co-Conspirator of the We Make Health Fest

Here’s more on learning about making, today with videos! I started writing this post talking about how to find videos about making and #makehealth to learn more about them, and then Andrew Manyard (@2020science) was inspired to make a Risk Bites style video for us!!! Can you tell I’m excited? I refrained from more than three exclamation points. So, please, watch our video first (it’s short), but the rest of the post is about videos by other people about making.


Maker, the Movie (screenshot) by rosefiring, on Flickr

Last week I talked about the summer camp and…


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