Mental and Physical Detoxification through Yoga and Ayurveda

Few days back, Mr. Mathur aged 35 employed with a leading financial consultancy, mentioned of a sudden blackout while he was driving to office at the jam-packed Outer ring road in Delhi. This worried him to no end. Perhaps, it was his body warning him! Other common body signs could be onset of headache, disturbed sleep cycle, sudden weight gain, or body fatigue and lack of focus. Ms. Priyanka Singh, aged 30 employed with an advisory firm, was concerned too with her chronic fatigues a while back.

Tight schedules and incessant stress, poor nutrition, pollutant- laden air, and other unhealthy habits collectively take a toll on some of us! Though our system is impressively designed to rejuvenate on its own with an internal detoxification mechanism, time-to-time it calls out for the extra aide. But do not fear- For starters, all you need is a body detox.

We don’t mean those daunting- strict diets or expensive supplements, but we suggest Yoga and Ayurveda, as a powerful healing therapy. These are key to a perfect mind-body balance!

Five proven Yoga Asanas for Body rejuvenation

Pranayama: An art of extending your breath in different ways, which teaches you to control the depth, rate and pattern of breathing. Kapal Bhati pranayama is considered to be the most important and effective form to clear the energy channels and detox your body.


  1. Supports to treat a range of stress related disorders
  2. Helps maintain good respiratory health and relieving the symptoms of asthma
  3. Reduces the oxidative stress in body
  4. Helps attain a steady mind and healthy weight

Swasitikasana (Auspicious pose): An easy meditative pose meant for medative purpose and prolonged sitting, apt even for the ones suffering with tired and aching muscles Traditionally, Svastikasana is believed to open the flow of “Prana” energy. It’s a good pose to help maintain balance for the body and mind.


  1. Amplifies your state of serenity and tranquillity and calms your brain.
  2. Eliminates stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion
  3. Reduces body fatigue
  4. Strengthens the back and muscles

Gomukhasana (Cow face Pose):

A seated pose that stretches several parts of the body including chest, hip, thighs, shoulders and ankles. This asana is known to stimulate our chakras; the centres of inclination, enjoyment, love and compassion. People with shoulder, neck, and knee pains must consult a doctor before practising this pose.


  1. Enables improved kidneys functioning, thereby helping those suffering from diabetes
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety
  3. Regular practise may help in stiff shoulders and backaches

Veerasana: Called the Hero’s or a Warrior’s pose, this Yoga form could be used an alternate for meditation and deep thinking. Those suffering from shoulder and neck pain should avoid performing it without doctor’s consultation.


  1. Helps being more relaxed both mentally and physically
  2. Enhances proper functioning of kidneys, liver, reproductive, and abdominal organs health
  3. Augments digestion
  4. Enables proper regulation of blood circulation to the joints

Ustransans (Camel Pose): This asana works on stomach and intestine, and helps release pressure in female reproductive organs while it also releases the trapped gas in this region. Child Pose and Bow Pose, are two other poses that may provide comfort during your cycles.


  1. Good to improve digestion
  2. Helps toughen the back and shoulder
  3. Improves flexibility of the spine
  4. Helps overcome menstrual pain and irritation

While you are on it, don’t forget to add these easily accessible ingredients to your palate!

Fruits: Citrus foods like lemons and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. Start each morning with a cup of warm lemon juice as it knows to have anti-oxidant properties that flush out body toxins

Garlic: Ensure adding a slice of it to your favourite dish as Garlic is known for a good detox. It contains a compound called Allicin, which breaks down to produce an acid which traps free radicals and support in cleaning.

Turmeric: A pinch of turmeric to your milk and food can work as a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy for your liver. As per Ayurveda, it’s popular for its multifaceted benefits such as liver cleansing, cholesterol balance, fighting allergies and enhanced digestion.

Honey: It’s delicious while it’s healthy! Honey is known to work on your digestion process while it great for bronchitis and lung cleansing to remove mucus.

Hope this summer, you commit to a Yoga regime and bid farewell to all the common ailments!