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The Father Of American Pharmacy

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William Procter

William Procter, Jr., who first graduated from and then went on to teach at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy for two decades, exerted a significant amount of influence on the formative years of professional pharmacy, which is why he is now world-renowned as the “Father of American Pharmacy.”

The American Pharmaceutical Industry

In the year 1940, the American pharmaceutical industry included an array of small companies that were each limited in regards to their geographic location, while the largest of these companies accounted for under 3% of this total market. Not many of these companies proved to be profitable, and even fewer offered products that were considered authentic in terms of therapeutic value. In addition, an even smaller percentage would survive and be in operation in the next 20 years. However, by 1950 things started to change and out of these hundreds of companies, 15 firms emerged which defined the American pharmaceutical industry.

These 15 firms proved to be highly innovative, large and highly profitable. Together these companies accounted for 80% of the total sales in this industry and 90% of the profits.

After World War Two

After World War II, and further into the 20th century, pharmaceutical manufacturing became an industrialized and modern practice within the United States. The first electronic based prescribing systems started in 1990. These were uses to automate the supply, administration and prescription of medicines onto hospitals.

The Proliferation of Pharmacies Today

Today there are around 67,000 pharmacies across the U.S. Around half of these are located in medical clinics, department stores, drug stores, hospitals, grocery stores, universities, surgery clinics, prisons, nursing homes and a number of other facilities . The other half of the pharmacies are either privately or independently owned.

The top 25 chain stores for pharmacies have a representation of around 28,000 pharmacy locations around the U.S. California has around 5,560 pharmacies which is the highest number when compared to all the other states. California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and New York are the top 5 states in regards to the number of pharmacy locations.

The Best Healthcare Job

Forbes stated in the year 2014 that becoming a pharmacist is rated as the “best healthcare job” because of the projected growth and higher than average salary. In the same year 44.6 million prescriptions were filled by pharmacies which in that year amounted to a $236 billion dollar industry.

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