The shot can’t substitute a healthy diet.

Weight-loss Shot Approved

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has recently approved a weight-loss drug called Liraglutide. Liraglutide, (it will be sold in Australia as ‘Saxenda’) mimics the body’s own appetite-suppressing hormone GLP-1.

It’s a daily injection that makes you less hungry.

The new drug is designed to last for longer periods than its natural counterpart (GLP-1), so the medication only needs to be taken once a day. And in trials, it has been shown to help overweight people lose 5–10% of their body weight.1

Hopefully, once a person has reached their target weight loss, they can stop taking the drug and continue managing their weight without it, but this is yet to be ascertained. In the meantime, here’s the overview:

What is it?

  • It is an appetite-suppressing medication. If combined with good diet and exercise, it can help overweight people achieve clinically significant weight loss.

What isn’t it?

  • It is not a quick fix or a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • It is not a treatment for diabetes. While Liraglutide is sometimes given as diabetes medication, adding this as a weight loss treatment on top of your regular diabetes medication could be dangerous. If you have diabetes and are thinking about this treatment, talk to your doctor.
  • It is not without side-effects and potential risks. The manufacturer’s website lists possible side effects, including thyroid cancer, serious pancreatitis, kidney failure and mood changes. Nobody yet knows what the long-term effects of using it will be.
  • It is not cheap. The injection costs $400 a month.

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