Digital Health: The Transformation of a 3 Trillion Dollar Industry
Arun Penmetsa

All of the comparative stats by country are in $ spent per capita. Why aren’t we looking at number of interventions per capita or major disease diagnosis per capita? One of my main concerns is that we compare US spending to countries with social systems that limit or prioritize care by whether it’s required to sustain life or not. Care that increases quality is not always approved and paid. Americans generally prefer more than less and when more isn’t approved by insurers, consumers get angry because they don’t trust insurers. We’re going to great lengths to enable consumerism in healthcare but I still wonder whether it will make consumers more accountable for their health related decisions.

I also have to wonder if the cost comparisons are meaningful giving that social systems are not profit driven like the US. They are probably not marking up the cost which is why a different metrics would probably reveal the difference and be more meaningful.