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Did you know? Research has shown beauty sleep to be a real thing

On TV Dr Michael Moseley recently revealed a significant number of us are not getting enough shut eye as is beneficial for our health.

As if increased stress levels aren’t enough to worry about when missing out on valuable hours of rest, research has in fact shown that beauty sleep is a real thing.

According to the BBC, the research shows strangers to be less approachable when they have tired faces.

It comes from a study that took photos of participants' faces after they’d had a good night’s sleep as well as after they’d had only four hours of sleep.

122 Strangers were then asked to rate the photos (without knowing which photo was which) on attractiveness, health, sleepiness and trustworthiness.

Whilst it’s far more important to get enough sleep as an incentive for good health and wellbeing, this just goes to show — if someone says they’re off to get their beauty sleep, they really are off to get their beauty sleep!


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