How Many People Actually Get A Gym Membership ??

Planet Fitness is known for being extremely affordable from just $9.99 a month and promotes a “judgement free zone” which can be comforting for gym newbies. But have you ever thought about how many people actually have a Planet Fitness membership? Yeah, we can probably guess how many people go to our local Planet Fitness, but take those guess-timates and add them to about 2,000 other locations. Crazy to think about right? While researching this gym I found the quarterly reports for all Planet Fitness’s across the country and the numbers are insane!

A bar graph of PF stats from 2021 created on
Planet Fitness 2021 stats of gym memberships from each quarter so far this year.

I created this bar graph to visually show the amount of memberships so far this year for Planet Fitness. As seen in the graph above Planet Fitness had 14.1 million memeberships from the first quarter (January-March), then jumped to 14.8 million memberships for the second quarter (April-June), and recently jumped to 15 million for the third quarter (July-September). The forth quarter stats have not been released for this year as of today, but we can only assume that the stats will continue to grow with those new year resolutions right around the corner!

Without including the fourth quarter numbers, those stats alone puts Planet Fitness at 43.9 MILLION memberships!? Making Planet Fitness the biggest gym in the United States. If you are a newbie to the gym definitely consider joining here because there is a reason why they have this many people coming to them! :)

Below is the link to the Planet Fitness investor page where I found all of the 2021 statistics if you are interested in doing more research.




Lets talk advice, work-outs, and the pros of a healthy start! :)

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The Healthy Start

The Healthy Start

Lets talk advice, work-outs, and the pros of a healthy start! :)

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