Before the fan funded Legion M there was, SPACE OPERA SOCIETY!

Legion M’s creation of a fan funded studio has me thinking of Eric Bernard. The man behind the “Space Opera Society.” A group ahead of it’s time, created a few years back. Eric’s idea was to gather top industry professionals in Canada, America and the UK to create a fan funded Science Fiction Studio. Their first project was to be titled Moonbase Alpha’s: Legacy. A continuation of the Science Fiction series Space: 1999 which was produced in the mid- nineteen seventies. It ran for two seasons and has since been syndicated and viewed on television stations throughout the world. The program continues to have a loyal and dedicated fan base which has yearly conventions.

So the plan was to produce their first film, Moonbase Alpha’s:Legacy and then move on to producing weekly Science Fiction programing which would be streamed to FANS who had subscribed / funded the studio. Concept artwork was even created by Eric Chu, highlighting the look and feel of the various shows they were looking to create. Space Opera Society’s creative team included TV and Film professionals , Wes Sargent, Eric Chu, Roberto Mei ,Christopher Penfold , Michele Specht, Nick Tate and many other well regarded Television and Film professionals.

Unfortunately the fan funded studio never came to fruition. However you can’t keep a good team down. The team is currently in the process of developing a new Science Fiction series titled Helios.

Creative minds that come together tend to stay together. Good luck and god speed to Eric Bernard and his team at Space Opera Studios!