I exhale and watch my breath as it levitates, hovers and drifts downstream, disturbed by the spray of the excited river slowing to hang with the mist. It skims the rapids, launches off rocks, goes ashore, shakes off the dewey drops and climbs a natural ladder through a break in the trees. It prances on the thick layer of foggy walkway, following a curvy zipper to the edge of the mountain. It leaps to the clouds and rests there.

My breath is startled by the shimmering water below, twinkling as rays of sun hit the rushing water. Its sight easily crossing the barrier of fog, a wall that has kept the river upstream dim and dozing.

Glancing clockwise, completing its tourist circle its gaze returned to the path it took my breath jumps back on the rocky crag, quickly zooms the trail down the steep slope, slides down the ladder, caught in a cushion of mist, bounces off rocks, dodges spray and hits me as I inhale deeply.

Your warm aura right beside me as we sit radiates like a fire’s heat from a few feet away. My head on your left shoulder, I squeeze my right hand and arm through your left arm and side, finding your left hand. Our arms twisting, bringing us closer.

“What do you see?”

“Beauty. Life. Time pacing itself, taking cues from what fills it, surrounds it.”

I sigh.

“Hmm.” Your eyes transfixed by our vantage.

The fingers of your right hand touch the top of my hand, tracing nature’s contours, what you see here below: layers, surfaces, profiles, outlined in light curves, turns, swirls up my forearm past my elbow, the soft muscles of my upper arm.

I smile looking out at the scene you are drawing on me. Lifting my head, on the left side of your neck, I breathe out, slowly letting out a steady stream of air through my lips, moving again through the path it had taken earlier, and back again…

You shiver. With my left hand I gently redirect your attention to my face. Your right hand covers my left, your lips cover mine, and we trace a new path.


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