After breakfast we took a kayak and paddled around the tiny islands for a few hours. We’d stop and float for a while in some spots taking in the different shapes breaking up the water views, glancing down into the crystal clear water at fish big and small, colorful and drab, swimming around coral. At one island we decided to go ashore. There was a small sandy beach with a few palm trees and a rock wall with vegetation growing and hanging from the top like a planter.

The rocking and rowing motion of the kayak at rest, our feet digging into the soft sand, we started to stroll around the tiny piece of land. We climb on a couple boulders, peek under the wall, the sea having tunneled a hole, and flatten our hands on the stone, smooth in places, rough like hardened dirt in others.

We sit on this private island of ours for a few minutes, scanning the surrounding seascape dotted by islands like this one, some just rocky, others just a sandbar.

You grab my neck lovingly, your right thumb massaging the left side. I move closer and lean into your right side, bringing my left arm around your waist. I turn my head to kiss you, the right side of your neck, only to have you turn at that movment and meet your lips with mine. My intake of break clues you into my surprise and you smile in our kiss and softly laugh. My hand moves up to cup the right side of your neck as our kiss deepens.

I keep my eyes open not wanting to miss anything, just as I have while exploring this morning. Always something new to discover: a slight change in your expression, a nuance, an idiosyncracy I hadn’t caught before or that you are just now sharing with me.

And then I realize your keen eyes are tracking my features in a similar exploration.


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