Babbling Brook

You’ve been using nature’s cobblestones for an hour now, the scrape of rock rubbing against rock underneath you as you step. The mountain stream coating its rockbed and making some of its curb slick. I worry that you are not paying enough attention to your footing, that you may fall as the words rush and skip off your tongue like the hurried glee of the cool, fresh water freed in the spring thaw from the hibernating snowy peak.

Your eyes hop from the gurgles on your right to the cheery florist’s flare of Nature’s bouquet on your left that perk up as you pass them, thinking you have a special occasion, hoping to snare you with their scent, to get you to stop and take a closer look.

But they do not know you like I know you. You are on a roll. I’m on the right side, listening carefully as much as being cautious while I hop from one brick to another. Of course, I notice my oddly formed side is not as colorful, only scarce blooms pop out at irregular intervals.

You fill the silence with your excitement, eager to offer your thoughts and also anxious to hear mine. Like my gait and occasional clump of petals, my comments are much slower. I take longer to gather up what I want to say and refrain from saying too much.

After hearing what I have to say, you pick it up by its stem, plucking it from the field of blooms and carry it with you as we continue our dialogue.

It reminds you how it’s a part of the larger arrangement we’ve been designing.

I motion to a flat swath of grassland on my side of the stream, and you jump over. We sit down finishing what you have to say as you hit the soft groundcover. Silently you invite me over to sit between your legs. We’re in a position to see the stream, flowery hills and snowy slope.

I lean back into you, my hands on your knees, your legs my armrests. You wrap your arms around my torso. You move my long hair with your nose, so your lips can reach the bare skin of the right side of my neck. The movement of your increasingly soft smile tickles me.

I shake from the wave of chills that start from my upper back and wash over and up through my neck and head. I chuckle, arch and push back into you, and turn to kneel, place my hands on the sides of your neck, skimming the surface, chilling you.

We smile and it’s into your smile that I kiss you, our smiles widening, moving our lips into happiness, our hearts jumping with joy, and our minds quiet for a few moments while our emotions get the best of us.

Dedicated to all those who are ignored when they most need to be heard. May the words you choose during moments that matter to you find someone worth the time you take to utter them.


This work is under creative commons licensing Attribution Non-Commercial Modifications With Credit Share Alike 4.0 International


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