Dusk’s nightlight shone with different shades of blue. We sit looking up over the treeline as day’s reign eclipses and night’s star-studded royal cape both dazzles us and makes us drowsy.

I subtly glance over at you in your lounge chair, your eyelids drooping. The instances when your eyes are fully closed lengthen. Once a full minute goes by, I take the long shaft of grass I just pulled from the landscaped clump. I extend it over and just barely touch your forearm, and immediately drop the grass, peering up stargazing as you startle awake. At your reaction, I tear my eyes away from the sky and look at you.

“Bug,” you say.

“Want me to get the bug spray?”

“No. They really haven’t been out tonight.”

I smile lovingly at you, and slowly turn my head back to the sky, connecting the dots in my own way.

You last another five mintues before your head starts nodding. You catch yourself and snap awake a few times. You recline a bit more into the cushion of the seat. It’s only a matter of time. You don’t see me smile deviously.

Your breathing gets heavier.


The second stalk I sneaked has been in my left hand since I last looked your way. Over it goes into my right hand, I reach it over… hand tickled.

You shudder and slap your own left hand with your right.

You look over at me and start to say, “Maybe some bug spray wouldn’t be a bad idea…” and see me smiling. My eyes descend and you follow their path and see the long piece of grass still in my hand.

You jerk your head up and your eyes connect with mine.

“You are a pest.”

“Hm, hm.”

I drop the grass, stand up, walk over to you, and hold out my right hand.


You take it and give it a slight tug as you stand up. Your arms come around my hips and lower back, mine do the same to yours. I place my head on your chest, my left cheek resting over your right pectoral. Your chin touches the top of my head as you look up at what stars are out.

I lift my head and look up into your face. My hands skim your sides, over your shoulders, along your neck to your cheeks, framing you before I bring my lips to yours. They softly brush and massage your lips. I set your mouth in motion over mine and we see stars of our own making.


This work is under creative commons licensing Attribution Non-Commercial Modifications With Credit Share Alike 4.0 International


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